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Sep 19
Windows 8 Server Developer Preview

Windows Server 8Windows 8 Server isn’t just a new version of the familiar desktop client – it’s also a new version of Microsoft’s server software. And as with the Windows desktop, Microsoft’s BUILD conference has seen the release of a developer preview of Windows 8 Server, focusing on what Bill Laing, head of Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Division, calls “optimising your IT for the cloud”.

What’s clear is that Windows 8 Server isn’t a revolutionary change. Instead, it’s an evolution that builds on features introduced in Windows Server 2008, optimising it for private cloud operation and for operation at scale, while retaining the features that small and medium-sized organisations need.

It’s a balancing act that’s a big challenge for Microsoft, and one the company needs to handle carefully if Windows Server is to continue to be successful.

Source: ZDNet

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