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Feb 14
Expect a social, privacy-driven Firefox in 2012

mozilla firefox on pc screenMozilla has set out its plans for the Firefox browser this year, promising to help web surfers avoid being locked into any one company’s internet ecosystem.

The open-source Mozilla project released its roadmap for the browser last Sunday, in which it stressed it has no interest in ‘owning’ the user. According to the plan, Firefox will gain more elements for social browsing and sharing, as well as new ways of managing identity across different internet services.

“Firefox will continue shipping innovative new features that ensure users stay in control of their online lives,” Mozilla said in the roadmap.

In 2012, Mozilla plans to integrate its BrowserID sign-in mechanism, mobile browser and web apps ecosystem into the “Firefox experience”, while introducing multiple stability and performance improvements to the desktop browser.

Although it oversees software such as the Thunderbird email client, Mozilla is best known as the company behind Firefox, the first open-source browser to give Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) a run for its money. However, Google’s Chrome, which is now available on Android as well as the desktop, is proving to be a serious rival.

Source: ZDNet

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