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Apr 23
Sponsored Video: Microsoft 365

Take a look at Microsoft’s cloud based Office 365.

Apr 23
Photoshop goes into the cloud with new version of Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop CS6The latest version of Adobe’s professional editing programs, called Creative Suite 6, will be available as a download for monthly subscribers to the new Creative Cloud service. It will allow users to store files online and synchronise files across machines, including tablets.

Subscribers to Creative Cloud will be able to download the software onto two computers. This move may be seen as an attempt by Adobe to combat piracy. After all Photoshop is one of the most-pirated programs in the world, and Adobe will hope a monthly subscription is more attractive than paying hundreds of pounds outright, following the success of subscription services such as Spotify and Netflix.

A subscription to Creative Cloud will cost £38.11 (ex VAT) per month, or £22.23 for users of current editions of Creative Suite, as long as users sign up for a year.

Stand-alone packages will cost up to £2,223 (ex VAT) depending on the range of programs.

Source: Telegraph

Jul 14
Improving Service In The Cloud

If you are looking to achieve maximum productivity and outstanding customer service with absolute security and resilience while dramatically reducing costs you should look to Unified Communications.

With Unified communications you can get to the people, the information or the knowledge you need, when you need it.

Don’t take BT’s word for it, just ask Tommy Hilfiger or Fujitsu, where Unified Communication from BT are already driving productivity and innovation today.

Jan 13
Google finally rolls out online storage for all file types

logo-google-inc-outside-headquartersg-mountain-view-california.jpgGoogle Docs users will soon be able to upload any file type to a new online storage facility, the company announced on Tuesday.

It is already possible to keep certain file types in Google’s cloud for collaboration purposes, including text documents, forms, spreadsheets and presentations. The new facility -to be rolled out over the next few weeks – will make it possible to store and share ZIP archives, large graphics files and any other file type.

Each user will get a gigabyte of storage, and the maximum supported file size is 250MB, which is 10 times the maximum size limit for email attachments on Gmail.

Enterprises and organisations that subscribe to Google Apps Premier Edition will also be able to use the Google Documents List Data API for batch uploading, and third-party applications are available for the migration and synchronisation of files to Google Docs.

According to a blog post by Google Docs product manager Vijay Bangaru, Google Apps Premier Edition customers will also, at some point in the coming months, be able to purchase additional storage for €3 (£2.70) per gigabyte, per year. Bangaru described the new storage facility as a “great way to collaborate on files with co-workers and external parties”. “Instead of using cumbersome email attachments, you can upload files to a folder and share it with co-workers, who can then access and edit the files from a single place,” Bangaru wrote. “You can even have your sales team securely share contracts with external clients for review.”

Under EU data-protection legislation, European companies have to keep their sensitive and personal data on EU servers. At the time of writing, Google represenatives were unable to confirm that European business customers taking advantage of the new storage facility will not have their data stored elsewhere.

Lets see what Google come up with to fall in line with this ridiculous section of the EU data-protection rules.


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