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Amazon adds live TV channels to Prime Video
Posted on Tuesday 23 May, 2017

Live channels including Eurosport and Discovery will be offered for an extra fee.

More evidence for WannaCry 'link' to North Korean hackers
Posted on Tuesday 23 May, 2017

Tools that helped WannaCry spread were also used in attacks linked to North Korea, says security firm.

Leaks 'expose peculiar Facebook moderation policy'
Posted on Monday 22 May, 2017

The "inconsistent" rules used to judge and censor content on Facebook are exposed, claim insiders.

Windows 7 hardest hit by WannaCry worm
Posted on Monday 22 May, 2017

More than two-thirds of all machines hit by WannaCry ran the eight-year-old software, say experts

Virtual rabbits 'culled' in Second Life
Posted on Monday 22 May, 2017

Thousands of bunnies have "starved" after their food supply was cut off.

Tech News from ZDNET

Ransomware: WannaCry was basic, next time could be much worse
Posted on Monday May 22, 2017

Some researchers suggest WannaCry was a straightforward piece of ransomware. What kind of damage could be done with more advanced code?

WannaCry ransomware deadline passes, but few pay up
Posted on Monday May 22, 2017

Despite the chaos caused by the recent ransomware attack, the criminals behind it have netted a relatively small amount of cash.

Ransomware and the age of insecurity
Posted on Sunday May 21, 2017

Software will lift us up, but always let us down. Make sure you are prepared.

Graph database company Neo4j maps out the future
Posted on Friday May 19, 2017

Neo4j CEO Emil on the impact of the Panama Paper and the future of graph database technology.

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