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About QBS PC Help

QBS Bushmills OfficeQBS PC Help was set up in 1994 by Chris Blyther ACII and his aim has always been to provide a high level of service to all his customers.

I like to use my years of combined experience to help both companies and individuals alike to get the best possible service from QBS PC Help.

From my small beginnings in 1994 I have gradually built up a vast library of free articles all about computer problems, web design, SEO and business management.

QBS PC Help currently provide a wide range of services:-

  • A Professional PC Repair Service
  • Website Design making use of the latest web standards
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There is also a database containing features, tips and solutions for all the Microsoft Operating Systems from Windows 98SE right through to Windows 8.

My website also has a software reviews page providing a number of free software tools.

There are also other goodies including a free random password generator and a free monthly pc tips newsletter.

QBS PC Help offer free help with the removal of adware, spyware and viruses by means of these featured articles - Adware and Spyware removal - Stay safe when you surf the Internet - Virus Removal Steps.

The QBS PC Help WordPress Blog is regularly updated and now has 75 posts with 98% of these relating to computer news, advice and problems. There are more than 1,530 RSS blog feeds.

QBS PC Help also have a Twitter account that is also actively managed with more than 23,000 tweets, again based mainly on computer technology but also featuring other bits of tech news and marketing advice.

I have also personally prepared a 208 page eBook which is called the Easy PC Repair Guide. This is a downloadable PDF file costing only £3.99 and is very easy to use and navigate.

The QBS Article Library

The article library keeps on growing and currently features 150 articles comprising 104 PC articles, 33 web design and SEO articles and a handful of articles covering affiliate marketing (2), business tips (8) and social marketing (3).

To see the full list of articles visit the QBS pchelparticles Library.

Here are just a few of the many articles available.

PC Tech Articles
Chkdsk - How to use it
PC Start up Problems
Soundcard Problems

Web Design and SEO
Get more web traffic - 10 steps to success
Link Baiting from the SEO Viewpoint

Business Management

Customer Relationship Management
E-commerce Sales Tips

To see the full list of articles visit the QBS pchelparticles Library.

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