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Advertising Costs

The Cost of Advertising with QBS PC Help

Advertising Location

Cost Per Ad

Adding an article with appropriate content which includes a link or links back to your website. Your article will also be added to my article library home page. One off fee of £10
Adding a blog post, relating to our core market , which includes a link or links to your website. One off fee of £10
Adding a commercial link and descriptive text to the main links page under any category. One off fee of £5
Adding a non commercial link and descriptive text to the main links page under any category. Free

These charges are just to pay for the creation of the links and posts as well as the advertising space on our blog and our links page.

We only accept payments through PayPal. All payments are strictly confidential. Any personal information given when making an online payment to QBS PC Help will be fully protected by PayPal. Please visit our PayPal page for more information about this method of payment.

You only need to pay QBS PC Help when your links, pages or blog posts are published to our server,so you can check the results.

To find out more advertising with QBS PC Help please send an email to For other ways to contact QBS PC Help see the contact page.

If the agreed payment is not forthcoming your links etc will be immediately removed from our website.

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