A replacement audio mixer for Windows 11

Windows 11 has never had a fully-fledged volume mixer on the taskbar. But you can improve this situation by using a third party app called Ear Trumpet. This has recently been updated to work with Windows 11 and restores a full volume mixer and gives you better control over all the apps that play audio on your PC. Ear trumpet is a powerful replacement for the basic volume mixer on Windows 11.

To download this app go to the Microsoft Store and search for Ear Trumpet. Once found download it and install it. Then open the app. Once you do this the apps sound icon will appear in the system tray. You need to drag and drop the Ear Trumpet app outside the system tray. If you click on the sound icon you will be able to control the volume levels of all active apps. If you hover over the sound icon you will see the percentage of the volume similar to the native sound icon. You can also right click the app to access advanced features.

As you can see from the above screenshot Ear Trumpet is a simple way to change your audio and sound quality. It’s one of those useful features that should have been built in to Windows 11.

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