Backing Up Your Computer

Backing up files is a very important part of maintaining your PC and can save a lot of hassle if your PC ever experiences hard drive failure.

The idea of a backup is to make copies of your most important files and documents so you can store them on another device of some kind (e.g. a separate internal hard drive, DVD’s, Flash Drives, external drives).

A good tool to use is Windows 7’s own built in backup and restore program. To access this go to Control Panel – System and Security – Backup and Restore.

A Full System Backup

Regular backups are all very well but a full image backup can get your computer up and running in no time at all if your hard drive should ever fail.

With Windows 7 Home Premium and above there is a built in image backup program. This will take a snapshot of everything on your PC including the Windows Operating System and all the applications on your computer and all their settings.

This image backup can even be set to run once a week in the background. So there’s no excuse not to back up.

For the price of an decently sized external hard drive you can now recover individual files from a regular backup or even take your whole machine back to the time when you last took a full image backup.

To access the image backup program in Windows 7 go to Control Panel – System and Security – Backup and Restore and in the left panel click ‘create a system image’.

Note: It always pays to remember that computers have a tendency to go wrong from time to time and although total hard drive failure is comparatively rare, this can occasionally happen so backing up your PC is a vital task to do.