How to enable clipboard history in Windows 11

Windows 11 clipboard history allows you to store up to twenty five entries that you can retrieve later. To turn this on press the Windows+V keys on your keyboard. You will see a popup on the right hand side of your screen that says ‘Let’s Get Started. Turn on clipboard history to copy and view multiple items’ So, just press the Turn On button.

Now that clipboard history is turned on try copying multiple items into your clipboard. You can do this by copying items and pressing Ctrl+C. Alternatively, just use the copy menu in the applications you use.

To see what’s in clipboard just click the Windows+V at any time.  In the history menu that appears you can paste any item in the list by simply clicking it and Windows will insert it into a document or text field.

If you decide to disable clipboard history open settings by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard.  In the settings app go to System and Clipboard. Under Clipboard History flip the switch to the ‘off position’. Once you have turned this feature off and then type Windows+V again you will see the Turn on clipboard history again, proving that it was in fact already turned off.

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