How to enable God Mode in Windows 11

Windows 11

The so called God mode gives you access to over 200 settings. It is simply a folder that contains shortcuts to most of the options in Control Panel. It is useful because it makes all of those shortcuts quickly available without having to navigate the potentially confusing control panel interface. All the items are sorted and grouped so they are very easy to find.

So how can set you set up God mode in Windows 11?

Create a new folder on your desktop. to do this right click an empty area of the desktop and from the resulting list choose new and then Folder.
Name the folder GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} – Rather than try to type this long string of words and characters just copy and paste and then name the new folder you created. Now click the ‘Enter’ button. Once the name is saved, the folder will transform into a new shortcut, and the name will disappear.

Clicking on the new folder will let you access hundreds of Windows Control Panel’s settings. The exact number of the available settings is 211 items, including settings related to ‘User Accounts,’ ‘Disk Optimization’ and more.

Windows God Mode is an excellent solution to access key Control Panel options, especially in the newest Windows 11, since Microsoft has started focusing on the main ‘Settings’ and hiding the old Control Panel settings.

if you find that having all these settings on your desktop aren’t that useful just delete the folder to remove it completely.

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