Power cuts will cause your PC to shut down

apcbatterybackupIf your Windows PC loses power while it’s starting up or shutting down, it could cause minor damage to your windows installation or even a greater disaster, such as the inability to start your computer up.

So when the lights go out make sure your PC stays alive by investing in a battery-backed uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS).

I’ve always used a good back up routine and my battery-backed UPS is yet another investment that’s paid off on more than one occasion by keeping my PC alive and booting even while the lights went out.

If you run a small business then you may well be in the middle of some work when a power cut occurs. In this situation a battery-backed UPS will be indispensable as it will give you time to save your documents and shut down your computer safely.

Obviously laptop users already have a “battery backup” built in, so they have less need for a battery-backed UPS.

So, what kind should you buy? I have no specific recommendations, but you can find popular models like the APC BE700G-UK 405 Watts for as little as £73. That’s very similar to the one I’m using right now and I have no complaints.

A small business might buy a slightly more expensive battery backup such as the APC BR900GI 540 Watts which costs around £154 from Amazon.co.uk.

A battery backup will certainly cost you a few pounds, but I believe this is an essential purchase if you own a Desktop PC and even more important if you run a small business.

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