The Windows 10 Snipping Tool

The Windows’ built-in Snipping Tool lets you capture a custom section of the screen, then mark up, save, and share that image.

To get started, click the Start button, type snip into the search box, and then click Snipping Tool at the top of the list. Next, click the ‘New’ drop-down and then select the desired shape of your snip.

You know the program is ready to snip when your screen dims. If you’re not quite ready to snip yet, just click Cancel until you are.

Snipping involves clicking and dragging a box (outlined in red) around the area of the screen you want to save. The moment you release the mouse button, that captured area will appear in the Snipping Tool window.

From there you can save the snip (in your choice of GIF, JPEG, PNG, or HTML formats), copy it to the clipboard, email it, or add some basic notations using a pen and highlighter.

The Snipping Tool is a great little tool and easy to use.

Note – Microsoft are gradually replacing the Snipping Tool with Snip & Sketch, which is more or less the same, but with the added ability to crop, highlight, write on, or even draw on the image.