The Windows 11 Wi-Fi report

Windows 11

If you have trouble with your wireless network, use this Windows 11 report on the network adapters currently inside your PC.

The report provides information on error events and your internet connection's current and past sessions to help you diagnose and fix most of the issues that might be causing you trouble.

To create this useful report open Start and search for Command Prompt. Right-click and select the Run as administrator option.

At the C: prompt type - netsh wlan show wlanreport - and then press Enter on your keyboard. Once you have completed these steps the report will create an HTML file that will include all the connection details you need to look at.

To fully understand the report open Start and search for the run command and click the top result to open the app. Now confirm the path of the wireless report and click the OK button. After you complete these steps the Wi-Fi report will open in your default browser. You can click on each
to see the session duration and some other useful information.

The Network Adapters section lists details of your network adapters. In this list, you can see the name and version of the driver and error codes if something is wrong. The X icon indicates an error. The D icon shows when your adapter lost connectivity and the N icon when your adapter does not have any connection at all.

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