Two Extra Ways to Prolong the Life of Your PC

3. Power Surge Protection

Your PC is made of circuits and components which are sensitive to electricity so any electrical power surge could damage some of your PC’s components or even damage your entire PC so that it no longer starts up. If you’ve spent lots of money on building your PC set up or buying one pre-made, it’s well worth splashing out just a little more on a surge protection device.

Surge protectors are available with different ratings and are useful for PCs, laptops and other electronics. They are also a handy precaution when charging your smartphone or tablet.

4. Look After Your Hard Drive

Everything is stored on your PC’s hard drive(s) but they can become corrupt with file system errors and bad sectors due to things such as improper shutdowns and crashes. Damaged files, system instability, blue screens and boot failures are bad, so take care of your hard drive to avoid any disappointments.

Always shutdown your computer properly and avoid unnecessary stress by switching it off when it’s not being used. Any corruption can normally be found and a repaired by running the Check Disk tool which is built into Windows. This tool is more for users of Windows 7 and earlier as Windows 8 has improvements to error handling.

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