Two of six ways to prolong the life of your PC

There is no set time frame for the lifespan of any PC component. However, most motherboards, processors, hard drives, graphics cards, memory etc. should last a good few years.

Pre-built computers, typically come with a two or three year warranty and most PC components will come with at least a one or two year warranty.

Your PC will be out of date after a while and you may want to replace it with a newer and better one long before any components actually fail. However, if you wish to maximise the lifespan of your PC then read my first two tips which can help keep your PC in great shape.

1. Keep it clean

One of the best ways to keep your PC going for longer is to keep it clean. This is a task anyone can do without any specialist knowledge.

It's a lesser known fact that dirt and dust are big killers of PC components. Air moves through your computer’s case and brings with it dust particles which then build up and can slowly overwhelm your PC's components. If dust builds up on the fans inside your PC’s case this makes them slower and less efficient. If the fans are running slower this lets dust and dirt build up elsewhere and the various components aren't kept cool enough. Hotter components mean more stress and a reduced lifespan.

You should thoroughly clean your PC every 6-12 months. An ideal weapon to combat the dust and dirt is a can of compressed air.

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2. Provide adequate ventilation

The temperature of your PC is important in relation to its life expectancy. Keeping the inside of your PC clean, particularly your fans, is a great start but those fans won't work to the best of their ability unless your computer has good ventilation.

Make sure your PC has plenty of space around it for good air flow and avoid putting it inside a cupboard or near anything hot like a radiator.

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