Windows 11’s Auto HDR

Windows 11

Probably one of the most exciting features of Windows 11 is Auto HDR. This is a feature that automatically adds HDR (High Dynamic Range) to games that don’t natively support it. This feature makes games look better by improving colour accuracy and contrast. Dark colours are therefore darker and light colours are lighter, but you’ll need to enable Auto HDR functionality first to see these changes in action.

To enable Auto HDR in Windows 11, you can quickly enable it in the Settings app by pressing System > Display > HDR. Make sure your HDR-supported TV or monitor is selected from the drop-down menu, then press the ‘Display Capabilities’ section to view your options. Press the slider next to the ‘Use HDR’ section to enable HDR output on your PC. Next, scroll down and select the slider next to the ‘Auto HDR’ section to enable Auto HDR in games that Microsoft has added support for.

In conclusion, Auto HDR is a great feature for PC gamers who want to improve their gaming experience on Windows 11. It’s easy to enable and can make a significant difference in how your games look. If you’re a gamer, you should definitely give Auto HDR a try!

Of course, if your PC’s monitor is not supported you will not be able to use Auto HDR unless you upgrade your viewing device to something vastly superior such as this 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved Gaming Monitor.

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