Windows 11's Sound Menu and how it works

CreativeInspire T3300 SpeakerSystem

Windows 11 gets a fully featured Sound menu which gives you the ability to easily pair new input and output devices. To do this, right click the blue start menu and select Settings then System and then Sound. Now click Add device under the Output section to link external speakers or other devices. Or click Add device under Input to connect an external microphone. You will then be given the choice to connect via Bluetooth, wireless docks, and more. Scroll down to the Advanced section and click All sound devices to view a full list of all input and output devices that have been connected to your PC.

You get extra control over your audio output in Windows 11, including mono audio and enhanced audio modes. To go mono, open Settings then System and then Sound, then enable Mono audio to combine the left and right audio channels. For enhanced audio - which includes bass boost, virtual surround, room correction, and loudness equalization - click All sound devices under the Advanced section of the Sound menu, choose a device to access the Properties menu, and enable Enhance audio.

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