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1. This site helped me to fix my PC. Using this site has really helped me to fix many PC problems for me and my family.
Many thanks, Mick

2. A wonderful website - Just wanted to let you know this website is WONDERFUL! I was able to fix several problems on my PC. Love it!
Thanks! Denise

3. Extremely helpful & informative with a fast response time.

4. I love people who spend their times to give information to other people. You don't have to write this article (Redirecting site pages with .htaccess). But you did. Thanks my friend....

5. Chris, you solved my cursor problems. You are incredible, amazing. And don't know how in a million kazillion years I could ever, ever possibly thank you.

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6. Had to write to say a massive THANK YOU for the Vista User Profile login problems fix you have here. I have been locked out of my main PC at home for a week now and due to some travel etc reduced to a netbook with only the basics of programs in it so THANK YOU SO MUCH and thanks to google for helping me find you.

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