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PC Repair GuideThis 208 page Easy PC Repair Guide will probably solve more than 98% of any computer problems you might experience during the 'life' of your Windows computer.


Fix the 10 Worst Horrors Facing PC Owners

  • Deadly viruses that can destroy your Windows set up.
  • Spyware and adware that at their worst can take control of your PC.
  • Key loggers that track your keyboard depressions to collect user names and passwords from the websites you visit.
  • Hard Drive problems leading to Hard Drive failure.
  • Wireless set up and loss of signal strength.
  • Serious monitor display problems.
  • Loss of all power to your PC – a dead PC.
  • Loosing precious computer files and images.
  • PC becoming unresponsive and almost impossible to use.
  • Failure of a key PC component that needs replacement.

This amazing PC Repair Guide is full of dozens of powerful techniques that you can use to keep your computer in tip top condition.

Just take a brief look at the Repair Guides contents

The Easy PC Guide is divided into several chapters and each chapter contains a wealth of useful information. Here's just a quick look at the chapter headings.

Chapter 1 - Setting up Your Computer
Chapter 2 - Routine PC Maintenance
Chapter 3 - How to Tune Up Your Computer
Chapter 4 - Upgrading Your PC
Chapter 5 - Diagnose Common PC Problems
Chapter 6 - What to do with an old PC
Chapter 7 - Other Tips & Solutions
Chapter 8 - Microsoft's Windows XP
Chapter 9 - Microsoft's Windows Vista
Chapter10 - Microsoft's Windows 7
Chapter 11 - Microsoft's Windows 8
Chapter 12 - Microsoft's Windows 10
Chapter 13 - Microsoft's Support for your PC

This Easy PC Repair Guide is just what you need to keep your PC working well. And if you need to upgrade a graphics card or replace a hard drive or add more memory, this repair guide will show you how. In fact, this amazing eBook will take you by the hand and solve nearly all your problems in just a few simple steps.

Get Your PC Repaired Speedily

Instead of wasting hours searching the Internet for solutions this guide contains a wealth of knowledge and is so well indexed that you can find a solution to your PC problems in no time at all!

Here's just a very small selection from page 2 of guides index (and there are 6 index pages):

command prompt, 95, 142, 181
compatible memory module, 61
computer is not beeping or beeping irregularly, 85
computer is turning on and is beeping, 86
computer receiving no power, 88
cooling unit on a graphics card, 68
CPU fan, 66
CPU upgrade, 64
CR2032 battery, 76
Create a System Repair Disc, 181
Create new partitions, 117
Creating a new Library, 168
Creating a new user accounts in Windows 7, 4
Creating new user accounts in Windows 8, 183
Damaged Power Supply, 86

With the way it's indexed this eBook is extremely easy and convenient to use.

In fact the Easy PC Guide is like having a qualified PC Technician at your beck and call!

And there's even more

Easily remove unwanted programs

You'll be able to see everything that is installed on your PC in one place. Those you don't need can be removed with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Upgrade your PC components

hard driveFind out the easy way to replace hard drives, CDRW/DVD drives, graphic cards and pc memory. And that's not all, because this Easy PC Repair Guide shows you how to deal with every major component of a Windows computer.

And this Guide will teach you how to rid your computer of all the old junk, temp files and programs you no longer use or need.

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Not all Problems are Easily Solvable

Unfortunately not every problem can be easily solved with this unique 208 page Easy PC Repair Guide because sometimes problems involve hardware issues, such as complete hard drive failure, or there may be a virus which cripples your computer to the point that it must be completely wiped clean. Even so, I believe my Repair Guide will solve more than 98% of any computer problems you might experience during the 'life' of your Windows computer.

And even if these major problems do occur, my PC Repair Guide will show you how to install a new hard drive and reinstall your Windows Operating System from scratch.

My Promises to You

You have my personal 365 day guarantee that the Easy PC Repair Guide will speed up your computer and fix 98% of the problems you might face when using your PC. In fact, using this guide you could even build an entirely new PC from the Motherboard up.

So take a whole year to examine and use the Easy PC Repair Guide. Really put it to the test.

100% Cast Iron Guarantee

Solid GuaranteeIf you are not completely satisfied with your purchase just send me a quick email and I'll refund all your money.

With this solid guarantee you can walk through the 208 pages of this PC Repair Guide at zero risk to yourself.

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So don't delay. This eBook could very well be the best bargain and the best investment you will ever make. And do not forget that the Easy PC Repair Guide is backed by a solid and reliable guarantee.

Yes, risk free satisfaction is a certainty!

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