QBS PC Help Colour Blender

Format Hex RGB RGB%
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blend clear

QBS PC Help do not offer any product support for this colour blender tool and it is provided for your use without warranty or any guarantee. Full credit for this tool goes to Eric Meyer.

To view a full list of Hex values check out our Colour Charts for Web Designers page.

How to use it

Pick a colour value format (Hex, RGB or RGB%). Now put two valid CSS colour values in the colour 1 and colour 2 boxes. Next pick the number of midpoints between the two selected colours you'd like to see (1-10).

The display will show the colours you entered as well as the requested number of midpoint colours that you chose. The display also shows the Hex, RGB or RGB% values of those colours. All numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number.

To speed things up you can click on a square in the "waterfall" display and it will automatically fill in the appropriate value for whichever colour box is currently highlighted.

Switching between colour value formats (Hex, RGB or RGB%) will translate whatever values are shown in the colour display.

"Clear" removes all values and colours, but does not change the current value format.