Article Submissions

Writing Articles for Submission

WritingSubmitting to Article Sites is very popular amongst SEO experts, as it not only gives you one way links from relevant sites but also increases the traffic to your website.

One way back links means links that point directly to your website, but that don't require you to link back.

Article marketing is probably one of the easiest methods to get well established article website's to link to you. These are authority sites that have been around for many years, and you can get many hundreds of one way back links from these article sites.

Effective articles should give your visitors a reason to buy your products or pay for your services and to do so willingly.

If you offer a product then you may be able to write about the way your product works or can be applied. The same goes for a company offering a service. For example QBS PC Help publish articles based on the computer repairs we have undertaken. We also design the occasional website and provide SEO services to a few companies, so we also write articles about these subjects.

Every article you write allows you to include two to three simple text links at the bottom of the article. And its these text links that will increase the number of inbound links pointing to your website.

From the point of view of the search engines, every link from an external site to your website is counted as a vote. In other words, the more back links you have pointing to your site, the better your site will rank. Of course, these back links cannot be any links. They have to be links from authority sites and relevant web pages.

Article Directories

There are literally hundreds of article directories on the Internet that are recognized as authority sites by the search engines. All you have to do is to create relevant content, put your text links at the end of the articles and submit them to the article directories. If they are approved, your articles get published online, and you get a lot of high quality links pointing to your site. Make sure that you create your text links to mention one of your targeted keyword phrases rather than just a 'click here' hyperlink .

'Targeted key phrases' are phrases that people type into the search engines when searching for your type of product or service. This means it is generally better for you to select a list of specific key phrases rather than generic ones. The more specific the key phrase is, the less competition your website will be up against.

By means of these key phrases search engines determine the theme and relevancy of the content on your website. The assumption here is that if there are hundreds of links from external sites "saying" that your site is about "pc repairs", then perhaps your site is really about "pc repairs". So always write on topic and include your target keywords as anchor text.

To which article sites should you submit your articles?

Ezine Articles

Many say that Ezine Articles is one of the best article directories and has good standards and a page rank of 6. The site is very easy to use, just click onto submit articles and follow the simple instructions to get started.


Another good site is Buzzle. The articles you submit are usually published within 24 hours and indexed by Google in no time. You have to apply to get accepted as an author at Buzzle and it can take a few weeks, but it’s worth the wait. The site has a Page Rank score of 5.

Go Articles

Go Articles is another great article site. It is run by the Jayde Online Network and has a Google Page rank of 6. Submitting is easy, just click on 'submit articles' and then fill in the register as a new member to get started. Articles are published fast, usually in less then a week.

Article Dashboard

Article Dashboard is a yet another good article directory The site has a Google Page rank score of 5. To submit articles click on the sign up link in the top right hand corner, follow the instructions and start submitting your content.


ArticleCity has a page rank of 5 and the site is easy to use. There is a 'submit an article' link at the bottom of the web page which takes you to a simple form. You then just need to complete a few details before submitting your article.

If done correctly and in moderation article submission can be a good small part of your link building and SEO strategy.

Its best to start off article submissions slowly. It's a good idea to submit your article(s) to perhaps five of your favourite article sites and a couple of niche sites, and resist the temptation to blast your article to every article site on the planet.

And the really good news is the traffic you get from your articles doesn't stop - it keeps working for you day in and day out, sending a steady stream of ongoing, targeted traffic to whatever it is you're promoting.

A Few More Tips About Article Submission

Only place links at the bottom of each article

You should not use articles to advertise your products or services within the main page content. Just add two or three text links at the end of the article in the 'Authors BIO' section.

Try to write something unique

People all over the world are writing about the same thing. If you truly want to different try writing about topics that aren't covered by everybody else.

Never submit press releases as your article

There is a distinct difference between a press release and an informative article. Press releases are strictly for announcing news about your company. Informative articles teach people about a specific subject and solve problems (not about your company's product or sales news).

Don't copy other people's content

Grabbing articles online and simply changing the title of the article to call it your own is not article writing. If you use someone else's content, only use it for study, not for your own promotion and recognition. If you "quote" someone else, make sure to give credit where appropriate.

Find five new article submission sites each week

If you submit articles once a week, try and make it a habit to find five new article submission sites to submit to. This should be fairly easy to do as new article sites appear all the time. To find new sites to submit to, just go to Google and do a search for "article submission sites", "submit articles" and "where to submit articles to?".

Keep your author bio fairly short

Try keeping your author biography short but do include at least one targeted keyword phrase. Use one sentence and a couple of links. Most submission sites will accept up to 3 links within your resource box. The author bio is also the place to add any reprint rights and copyright information.

Do not buy articles from other companies

It's best not to even consider buying articles from people that claim that they will write a unique article for you to promote.

Chances are, the article that you buy has been sold and re-sold many times. You will be doing your business no favours at all by buying articles like this. Article submission website's frown on this re branding method and will ban you from ever submitting articles again if you are caught.

Never use affiliate links

Most article submission website's have a rule against listing affiliate links within your article (body content) and your author bio. If you absolutely need to use an affiliate link, try creating a "short link" that simplifies the link into a smaller, more compact link.

Use manual submissions

Most link submission software isn't the answer. It's far better to personalise your submission by submitting it manually. Granted, this can take up to 4 hours per week if you write one article and submit it to a handful of the best article submission sites.

Many article submission website's have different and unique fields that they require you to enter. If you use software to try and achieve this you will never have that personal touch that each individual website and editor is looking for and your articles will never get published.

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