Ping Update Services for WordPress Blogs

The Usefulness of WordPress Pings


When you create a new WordPress post, your blog will automatically ping and notify all the ping services that your blog has been updated. This encourages search engines and different blog directories/services to index your updated blog.

So the ping is a useful promotion tool that WordPress provides. The thing is, that the pings are only sent to the default list specified in your blog's admin settings - Settings/Writing/Update Services.

WordPress Admin Update Settings

The first thing you should do when setting up your blog is to expand the number of services you ping to.

I use the following list of services in the QBS PC Help Blog, (please feel free to copy them):

Propel your Blog to new heights

The blog's ability to ping is a powerful tool that can propel your Blog to new heights.

Whenever a blog pings, many background processes happen which get your blog quickly indexed by search engines as well as bringing traffic from many other sources.

There are many blog directories and ping services which accept pings. When you add a new post it sends a ping to all these websites saying, " I've just added a new post to my blog".

Some of those websites will add your blog to their main directory giving you a one way link and some will list your blog in their recently updated blog list. This will result in search engines quickly coming to your Blog to index it and start sending you traffic.

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