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Computer Articles

Adware and Spyware Removal
Autoruns Can Speed Up a PC's Performance
Backing Up Your Computer
Beep Codes
Best FREE Anti Virus Software
BIOS Boot Order
BOOTMGR is Missing Error
Burning an ISO image onto a CD/DVD Disc
Buying replacement Printer Cartridges
Bytes Converter
Chkdsk - How to Use It
Clean a DVD or CD disc
Clean Your PC Inside and Out
CMOS Checksum Errors
Computer Application Errors and Fixes
Common Causes for Driver Errors
Computer Not Booting
CPU-Z System Monitor
Creating a USB Password Reset Disk
Delete All the Information From a Hard Drive
Defragment Your Windows Computer
Diagnose PC Memory Problems
Disposing of Old PC Equipment
DOS Commands
Driver Errors - Common Causes
Dual-Boot XP and Vista
Easy PC Repair Guide (PDF)
Gigabytes, Kilobytes and Bytes explained
Hard Drive Data Wiping Service
Hard Drive Developing Problems
Hard Drive Replacement And Addition
How to Deal With Common Printer Problems
How to Deal With Windows Files Extension Errors
How to Fix Wireless Network Problems
How to Install a CDRW/DVD Drive
How to Install a Solid State Drive (SSD)
How to Install Windows XP on a SATA Hard Drive Without Access to a Floppy Disk Drive
How to Install Windows XP or XP Professional on Your Computer
How to Remove Fake Security Software
How to Set Up RAID Configuration on Your Computer
How to Upgrade Your Computers Memory
How to Upgrade Your PC's Graphic Card
How to Upgrade Your Processor (CPU)
Install and Configure a Broadband Router
Installing a 56K PCI Modem
Installing the Apache Server and PHP 5 on Vista
Keep Your Registry Clean and Avoid .exe Errors
Laptop Memory and Hard drive Installation
Malwarebytes can remove malicious Malware
Missing Autochk Program During Boot Up
Motherboard Form Factors
Motherboard Problems
Motherboard Upgrades
Mystery of the Missing CD/DVD Drives
NTLDR is Missing Error
Partition Your Hard Drive and Protect Your Files
PC Hard Drive Data Erasure
PC Restarts Many Times and Then Boots Up
PC Start Up Problems
PC System Fails CPU Test
PC Tune Up Tips
Planning to Buy a New Graphics Card For Your PC?
Pop-up’s on Your Desktop Need Removing
Power Related Problems
Printer Sharing Across a Home Network
Problems With The Power On Self Test (POST)
Re-flashing a Computers BIOS Chip
Registry Tools and Root Keys (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP)
Remove Programs To Boost Your PC's Performance
Removing Vista's and Windows 7's Temporary Files
Replacing a Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Reusing an Old PC
Runtime Error 4971 Explained
Safe Mode And It's Uses
Security for Your PC & Your Online Activities
Server Error Codes (HTTP Status Codes)
Sharing a Broadband Connection
Six Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Windows PC
Solving Graphic Card Problems
Solve Your Soundcard Problems
SpyBot Search & Destroy Guide
Stay Safe When You Surf The Internet
Steps to Solve Recurrent DLL Errors
Troubleshooting File Type Errors Due to Internet Issues
Using MSCONFIG to Speed Up Your PC
Using Process Explorer
Using the Windows XP Recovery Console
Virus Removal Steps
VoIP Services and Phones
Web Browser Toolbar Removal Made Easy
Website Hosting Tips
Whirring Noises Inside Your PC
Why Surge Protectors Are Essential
Windows 7 Creating New User Accounts
Windows 7 Full Review
Windows 7 Install
Windows 7 Tips and Tricks
Windows 7 Wake Timers
Windows 7's Libraries And How to Use Them
Windows 8 Clean Install
Windows 8 Installation Files onto a Flash Drive
Windows 8 Review
Windows Startup and Shutdown Processes
Windows Vista Review
Windows Vista User Profile Service Fails to Logon
Windows XP - The Final Countdown
Windows/system32/config/system File is Missing
For Windows 10 and Windows 11 pc tips see our blog

SEO Articles

Analysing a Competitors Website
Colour Charts for Web Designers
Create a Basic Contact Form
Create a Custom 404 File Not Found Page
Designing Horizontal and Vertical Navigation with CSS
Get a Free Two Column CSS Web Template
Get More Web Traffic - 10 Vital Steps to Success
Get Help in Using CSS For Web Design
How to Use CSS to Style a Table
Ping Update Services for WordPress Blogs
Redirecting Site Pages With .htaccess
SEO - 16 Ways to Grow Your Blog Readership
SEO - Keep Customer Loyalty Over the Long Term
SEO - Article Submission
SEO - Building Inbound Links
SEO - Building Site Content
SEO - Create a Killer PPC Advertisement
SEO - Directory Submissions
SEO - Google Bounce Rates and What They Mean
SEO - How Long Before You Get Results?
SEO - Link Baiting From the SEO Viewpoint
SEO - Pay Per Click Advertising Tips
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Guidelines
SEO - Visitor and Sales Tracking and ROI Analysis
SEO - Website Usability Issues
SEO - Why are Shopping Carts Abandoned
SEO - The Best Way to Request Link Exchanges
The Top Web Hosting Companies
SEO - Website Accessibility Guidelines
EMS Page Styling
Wordflood V2.0 Can Help Your Writing Skills
WordPress Blogs Ping Update Services
WordPress Manual Upgrade Guide

Business Related Articles

CRM for the small business
Customer Relationship Management
Ecommerce Sales Tips
How to Make Best Use of PayPal
Is LinkedIn Good for Business Users?

Social Marketing Articles

Finding and Following People on Twitter
Using Facebook as a branding strategy
Using Twitter as a Business Tool

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