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Keep Your Registry Clean

The Importance of the Windows Registry

RegeditThe Windows registry plays an important role in the functioning of your Windows computer. The main reason for this is that the registry is a centralized database of all configuration information related to user profiles, system settings, software, and hardware on your computer. So, there is rarely anything that happens on your PC without going through the registry. In the process, a large amount of data is added, modified or removed from the registry in a very short time. This makes the registry quite vulnerable to attract unwanted data that may cause it to bloat up and become unstable.

Causes of Registry Problems

There can be many causes of unwanted entries within the registry. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Installation of buggy software and drivers, especially freeware and shareware software downloaded from the Internet.
  • Program uninstallation by using inappropriate methods, such as directly deleting the program folder from Windows Explorer.
  • System crashes that may prevent changes in the registry files loaded in the memory from being written to the hard disk and generate corrupt entries.
  • Malware infections that may add several malicious entries and also alter existing ones to generate errors.

An unstable registry deteriorates the performance of your computer and starts causing different types of computer problems. For example, high CPU usage ccsvchst.exe and cntaosmgr.exe error, aolload.exe corrupt file, driver problems, and several exe and runtime errors may occur due to registry problems.


Fix and Prevent Registry Problems

To keep your computer at its best performance, it is essential for you to clean your registry on a regular basis to remove all unwanted and malicious entries from your system. Windows comes with a built-in Registry Editor (regedit) that enables you to perform some amount of registry maintenance. However, this tool is quite basic and most of the tasks need to be done manually. This task is not only complicated but the chances of errors are quite high.

Due to the problems associated with the Registry Editor tool, there are several good third-party registry maintenance tools available today that you can use to easily clean and repair your registry. Let us have look at some of the benefits:

  • A good registry tool has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it quite simple even for novice users to perform registry maintenance.
  • These tools use complex algorithms to perform a thorough scan of your registry and weed out all junk entries residing within it.
  • You can use the tool to scan for orphan uninstalled programs entries to ensure complete program removal.
  • A registry tool also helps you completely get rid of malware programs by removing all malicious registry entries added deep within the registry tree.
  • A good registry tool also comprises the registry defrag feature that helps in compressing the registry and make its files contiguous.
  • Registry tools are usually safe to use because they take a backup of the registry before making any changes. Also, a good registry tool allows you to make manual registry backups that help you restore the registry back to a working state if your current registry fails.

In conclusion, to prevent exe and other computer errors, you need to keep your registry clean and free from corrupt entries.

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