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How to Add Memory to a Laptop or Change a Hard Drive

How to Add Memory

Laptop hard drive and memoryMost laptops come with one or two memory sockets which may leave you with no space for an upgrade. In this case you will have to remove at least one module before any upgrade can take place. The RAM module on most laptops sits behind a removable panel on the underneath of your PC or under the keyboard. The memory modules slip into a slot and are secured at the ends with clips.

Crucial (The memory provider) have a great tutorial on installing laptop memory at -

Crucial will also tell you the type of RAM module your laptop needs -

How to Add a Hard Drive

Changing the hard drive of a laptop pc is far easier than doing the same thing on a desktop. You generally remove a few screws from the bottom of the case, slide or lift out the old hard drive out and put the new one in.

Most laptops use a standard 2.5 inch hard drive, but slim ultra portables may use a smaller 1.8 inch drive. Drives also differ in height, the most common heights are 12.5mm and 9.5mm. Check your laptops manufacturers website to find out the correct size/height for your particular make and model number. Also check whether you need a SATA (serial ATA) drive or a parallel ATA drive.

To purchase your replacement drive QBS suggest Amazon UK. They will no doubt charge less than the price charged by your laptops manufacturer.

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