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Buying Replacement Printer Cartridges

Printer Cartridge Replacement

HPYou can buy cartridges for your printer from many different outlets and you can choose to buy either the original manufacturer cartridges or compatible cartridges at a lesser cost.

You might also consider having your cartridges refilled by a specialist local firm. You can even buy refill kits online so you can attempt this for yourself.

All these ways of buying have their merits but I personally prefer the original manufacturers print cartridges as although these are more expensive than refills they are designed to work with your particular printer. And if things go wrong with your printer because of the cheaper alternatives the manufacturer of your printer may break your warranty agreement with themselves so that you end up paying for any repairs that you might eventually need.

Where should I buy online?

The best places to buy online will offer prices that easily beat those on the high street, but also give you good deals on delivery, and helpful information on finding the right cartridge for your printer that is usually very easy to follow.

A few of my favourite places are:

Amazon UK stock a vast range of printer cartridges some of which are very keenly priced. They will certainly have print cartridges for your make and model of printer. This supplier specialises in ink and paper only and is based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. For this reason some multiple purchases work out even cheaper than And this company sends out your order via 1st class postage. Viking are a stationery company with along history and supply a vast range of products including print and toner cartridges. They offer both original manufactures cartridges and compatible cartridges.

And comparison sites such as pricerunner.

Compatible Cartridge Refills

If you want to pay less money than the full cost of a manufacturers branded print cartridge then compatible print cartridges might be for you. But be careful where you buy them from, as there are a few sellers out there that supply sub standard cartridges and inks that can cause damage to your home or business printer.

However by careful research you may be able to purchase compatible print cartridges for up to half the price of branded products.

Many empty compatible print cartridges are professionally cleaned, refilled, and repackaged for re-sale.

Here are a few more printer cartridge websites to try:

Cartridge Save This company offer offer both original manufactures cartridges and compatible cartridges and like most of the websites mentioned in this article they offer free delivery and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Phoenix Direct Low prices of remanufactured cartridges starting at £4.99, with free UK delivery.

Refresh Cartridges Free delivery, and prices start at around £3 to £8 for remanufactured cartridges.

Re-filling your old ink cartridges

EpsomInstead of buying a brand new ink cartridge or a compatible cartridge you can choose to have your empty ones refilled at a fraction of the cost. This can be done by taking your old ink cartridges to stores such as Cartridge World, where they will refill your cartridges with ink for you.

You can also refill your cartridge yourself, by purchasing a refill kit online or from a stationery shop such as WHSmith or Staples. This should come with instructions telling you exactly how to go about refilling your own cartridges.

Recycling your old ink cartridges

CannonYou can also recycle your ink cartridges by sending them to sites such as Cash for Cartridges, who pay from 10p to £4 per cartridge, depending on make and model.

With sites such as these, you open a recycling scheme with them and send off your empty ink cartridges. They then pay you for the number of ink cartridges that you sent them as and when your earnings reach a certain prescribed limit. For Cash for Cartridges your earnings must reach £25 before payment is made. Recycling your old ink cartridges can be a good way to do your bit for the environment and make a little pocket money.

Finally, a tried and tested home method that can get extra life out of ailing printer cartridges is to just give it a good shake – this should prolong the amount of ink for a little longer, at least.

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