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Getting the best out of Spybot Search & Destroy

How to Download and Install SpyBot

Spybot Search and Destroy

Download the spybot.exe file from this site and save it to your desktop so you can easily find the downloaded program file. You will see a bar move along as the file downloads. When it finishes downloading click on "Open" to run the program. If you don't want to install SpyBot right away then you can double click on the spybot.exe file at a later date.

If you double clicked the spybot.exe file you should now be running the Spybot installer program. You will be asked to select a language and then click OK.

Next you will see the welcome screen. Click the "Next" button. You will have to read the license agreement, then tick the box next to I accept the agreement and click Next.

The next screen wants to know where to put Spybot on your computer - the default place inside the Program Files folder is fine, so click Next again.

Setup now wants to know which components to install. If you don't know what they are, leave the settings as they are and click Next. Click Next again to accept the default Start Menu Folder for the icons.

At this point Spybot wants to know what additional components to install. Spybot can install a program called SDHelper that will protect Internet Explorer from some Spyware attacks in the future. If you intend to continue using Internet Explorer then you should install the SDHelper component. If, however, you have a slow computer then you may not want to install it. QBS PC Help recommend that you switch to a different web browser (such as Firefox or Chrome), and not bother to install the SDHelper. Also for the same reasons you might not want to install the Tea Timer module which protects your PC from unauthorised Registry changes in real time.

To get more information about the Tea Timer module check out this forum post:

You should un-tick the box next to "Create a Quick Launch icon" (unless you really want one) and if you have chosen not to install the SDHelper or Tea Timer then you should un-tick the boxes next to those options.

SpyBot Search & Destroy is now installed.

Running Spybot

Start Spybot in easy mode and click on Search for Updates. Chose an appropriate download server and click OK

Once SpyBot has the latest updates click Check for Problems to start the scan.

SpyBot can be slow to run especially if you have a lot of programs and files on your PC. Be patient as it is deep scanning your computer and comparing the results with its latest download components.

When it has finally finished you will see a clear summary of any problems SpyBot has found. Click on an item in the list and SpyBot may have some information about the highlighted program. It will place this information in a panel on the right.

If you are happy that there are no important files in the list click on Fix Selected Problems and let SpyBot remove all the spyware and adware that it has found. You may see a message that some problems couldn't be fixed because the spyware or adware is still running, but Spybot will offer to remove it when the computer is rebooted. Click Yes to allow Spybot to run on your next system startup.

Finally you will see a box telling you how many problems where fixed. Click OK to finish.

If you clicked the Yes button, shut down and restart your computer so that Spybot can run and finish removing the spyware and adware.

If you followed all these steps the spyware and adware should now have been removed.

QBS PC Help suggest that you also run Ad-Aware as this will no doubt find any problems that SpyBot missed. We tend to find that these two programs compliment one another and together find nearly all of the spyware and adware infecting your PC.

To find out more about spyware and adware see our article - Adware and Spyware Removal Tips.

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