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The Need for a Surge Protection Device

Surges and Spikes Can Damage Your PC

Belkin Surge MasterMost people go and buy a desktop PC or a laptop and promptly take it home and plug it in to the most convenient electrical socket and don't even give any thought to the need for a good surge protection device between that electrical socket and their PC.

When you go out and spend a lot of money on a PC it is certainly wise to think about this added layer of protection.

Below are just some of the reasons why you should buy a surge protection device:

Surges/Spikes are bursts of electricity up to 3,000 volts caused by electrical load switching and the on/off action of equipment. Surges are common in power cuts (which we all have from time to time) when the power is finally restored.

Noise can enter power lines from nearby electrical equipment, such as vending machines and heavy industrial equipment.

A single brief surge/spike of electricity could render your machine useless and/or destroy your PC's Power Supply Unit. Electrical noise can even corrupt data on your hard drive.

The cost of a surge protection unit is a lot cheaper than the repair bill for a new Power Supply Unit/Hard Drive.

How to buy a Surge Protector

Surge protection units come in various shapes and sizes, the most common is very similar to an extension lead, some have built-in protection for data lines and telephone lines too.

surge protection device

When you choose one take into account the amount of outputs you will need and if you want any data protection as well, some of them boast certain specifications, but the cheaper ones barely live up to it.

To check out a range of surge protection units online and get an idea of what's out there, select a link below:

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