Domain purchasing, email set-up and website design

Getting a Suitable Domain Name

For any business a memorable domain name is a worthwhile investment. Whether your business serves the UK only with a or exports all over the world with perhaps a .com, or any of the other extensions available, we can certainly help.

Setting up a Business Email Account

Once you have a suitable domain name it's important to have a business email address based on your unique domain name. For example, for a UK small business called Pool Cleaning Services the ideal domain name (if available) would be and a business email would be something like

Responsive Web Design Services

With a suitable domain name now purchased you then need a user friendly web site to promote your business services. So carrying on with our example, the Pool Cleaning Service would have a website address of

Whether you need a full shopping cart site or just a showcase for your company's products or services QBS can provide your online presence from start to finish.

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