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Offline Repairs & Services Costs

Computer Repair

Here are a just a few examples of the computer servicing and repairs we can undertake if you live within our local trading area.

QBS PC Help provide a full repair service for many types of computer and IT equipment.

Our repairs procedure follows these steps:

Contact QBS PC Help on 028 2073 1319 or by email

We can usually arrange to collect your PC from your home. If you prefer you can get your PC dropped into our Bushmills Office (get directions).

We only need the computer itself, not the monitor, mouse or keyboard. Please supply any AC adaptors (i.e. for laptop PC's). We also need your Windows installation disc or Recovery disk in case your PC has to be wiped down and details of any password you may have set up.

When we receive your computer we will see what problems need to be fixed. We will then phone you with an estimated cost of repair, including the cost of any parts that we might need to buy. We will also try to give you an estimate of the timescale involved in repairing your PC.

If you do not wish to proceed with the repairs you will need to collect your PC. There will be no charge in this instance as we operate a 'No Fix - No Fee' policy.

Please bear in mind that some software problems are hard to fix - in some cases it is much better to wipe the computer down and reinstall the Windows Operating System. We can do this and generally keep your important data intact - this service costs from £28. We will need your Windows installation disc (the full operating system disc or the manufacturers recovery disc) and any other software you want QBS PC Help to install for you.

Of course there are many more repairs we can do and costs can vary, but are typically £20 per hour. See our full price list.

Many straightforward jobs can be completed within the hour.

Special Computer Packages

PC Maintenance/Health Check

This package includes a thorough clean of your PC's case, mainly inside where dust tends to accumulate. This package also includes a full diagnostic check up. This includes:

1. Checks for viruses, adware and spyware.

2. A thorough PC Memory test (a 4/5 hour routine).

3. Defragmenting your hard drive, registry and paging file entries (far better than the disk defragmenter software built into Windows XP or Vista).

Cost £25.00

Creating Drive Partitions

Splitting your drive into two or more partitions so that you can store your files and pictures in a secure location (unless the drive itself fails, which is why QBS thoroughly recommend a regular backup of all important files and pictures on a weekly basis) . This is a non destructive process no matter how many new partitions we create (most people just have one additional partition for their files). To ensure that all your future files are saved to the new partition we move the My Documents folder to this new section of your hard drive and get Windows to save all your important stuff to this new location.

Cost £25.00

Data Transfer/Recovery

Copying files and pictures onto a flash drive so that you can easily install them on a new PC. The cost of this service depends on the time taken and how much data is involved. QBS PC Help can buy 2GB (under £6), 4GB (under £10) and 16GB (under £20) USB flash drives or you can supply your own.

Prices for this sort of service depend on the particular task we undertake. However £20 per hour is a rough guide plus the cost of the storage medium (see above).

Damaged Drive

Recovering files from a damaged drive is not always successful so we recommend a professional data recovery company - Kroll Ontrack® Data Recovery Service. Find out more..

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Erase All The Data on your Hard Drive

Completely wiping your PC's hard drive so that no trace of your ownership exists. You should do this if you sell or dispose of your computer. Find out more..

Cost £20.00