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Tech News from the BBC

Oppo's expanding phone can grow and shrink on demand
Posted on Friday 05 March, 2021

The concept phone has a flexible display that rolls up inside the device.

Myanmar coup: YouTube removes channels run by army amid violence
Posted on Friday 05 March, 2021

The armed forces are accused of spreading disinformation online amid a violent crackdown.

Valve abandons Artifact card game despite promised reboot
Posted on Friday 05 March, 2021

The troubled card game is the latest promised rework to be abandoned by a major developer.

Facebook rainforest ads: Inquiry ordered into Amazon land sales
Posted on Friday 05 March, 2021

A Supreme Court judge in Brazil orders an investigation following the BBC's report into the trade.

YouTube to lift Trump ban if violence threat falls, says CEO
Posted on Thursday 04 March, 2021

Chief executive Susan Wojcicki says there's a way back for the former president on YouTube.

Call of Duty patch brings 'biggest download day on record'
Posted on Thursday 04 March, 2021

Download records were broken last week when Call of Duty released a major update, Virgin Media says.

Tech News from ZDNET

What is cyber insurance? Everything you need to know about what it covers and how it works
Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

Cyber insurance is becoming increasingly popular. But what does it cover, what doesn't it cover and what should you be looking for when deciding on a policy?

Microsoft is opening a new Azure cloud computing region in China
Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

The cloud computing giant has announced it is opening a new region in China, as the country's demand for cloud services booms.

These two unusual versions of ransomware tell us a lot about how attacks are evolving
Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

Researchers detail two new types of ransomware - AlumniLocker and Humble. Both are new and have very different ways of doing things, demonstrating the diversity in a space attackers are keep to get involved in.

Apps, drone deliveries and AI: How technology stepped up its game to fight COVID-19
Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

A new report highlights the benefits, but also the shortcomings, of data-informed technologies and AI in the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

AI: Facebook's new algorithm was trained on one billion Instagram pics
Posted on Thursday March 04, 2021

Facebook's researchers have achieved a breakthrough in self-supervised learning, by training an AI system on one billion unlabeled Instagram pictures.

Ransomware as a service is the new big problem for business
Posted on Thursday March 04, 2021

Easy-to-use ransomware as a service schemes are booming, accounting for almost two-thirds of ransomware campaigns during the past year, warn researchers.

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