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Tech News from the BBC

Self-driving Waymo cars clog up dead-end San Francisco street
Posted on Friday 15 October, 2021

Waymo says its automated vehicles are following traffic orders when they enter the dead-end street.

Apple takes down Quran app in China
Posted on Friday 15 October, 2021

The popular Islamic app was removed in the country, after an official request.

Sunderland University cyber-attack fix date unknown
Posted on Friday 15 October, 2021

Officials say they "just do not know" when online services at Sunderland University will be fixed.

Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn in China
Posted on Thursday 14 October, 2021

The company will offer a jobs-only site with no social-media elements, instead.

YouTube U-turns over David Davis vaccination passports clip after protest
Posted on Thursday 14 October, 2021

The site says "sometimes we make the wrong call" after being accused of attacking free speech.

Facebook helps AI take a first-person view of life
Posted on Thursday 14 October, 2021

It hopes artificial intelligence may one day tell you where on earth you've put your keys.

Tech News from ZDNET

The developer shortage isn't going away, so it's time to start thinking differently
Posted on Friday October 15, 2021

Software developers are in short supply and the UK is facing a digital skills crisis. Is it time for a new approach to recruitment and hiring?

Our old devices are creating a mountain of e-waste. And it's getting a lot bigger
Posted on Thursday October 14, 2021

According to experts, E-waste is reaching record levels because consumers still forget to recycle, and it's bad news for the environment.

This new ransomware encrypts your data and makes some nasty threats, too
Posted on Thursday October 14, 2021

The group behind a new ransomware variant threaten to go beyond encrypting data in their attempts to force victims to pay up.

Even computer experts think ending human oversight of AI is a very bad idea
Posted on Thursday October 14, 2021

The UK government is thinking of scrapping the right to ask for a human to review decisions made entirely by AI systems, but some experts are warning that it is not the right way to go.

This is how Formula 1 teams fight off cyberattacks
Posted on Thursday October 14, 2021

F1 is a high-profile, high-tech sport and that means it attracts the attentions of cyber criminals and hackers – here's how the Formula 1 teams protect themselves against hackers.

Oracle joins multi-cloud security notification project
Posted on Tuesday October 12, 2021

Oracle Cloud joins Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM in scheme designed to make managing security alerts in multi-cloud environments less challenging.

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