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Tech News from the BBC

Rolls Royce develops propulsion system for flying taxi
Posted on Sunday 15 July, 2018

The engine maker is working on a flying vehicle which it says could take off by the early 2020s.

Facebook will not remove fake news - but will 'demote' it
Posted on Friday 13 July, 2018

It says fake news is not against its "community standards".

Twelve Russians charged with US 2016 election hack
Posted on Friday 13 July, 2018

The dozen allegedly used spear phishing emails and malware and hacked voter data on a state website.

Fake Twitter users: Celebrities lose followers amid crackdown
Posted on Thursday 12 July, 2018

Some users, such as Katy Perry and Barak Obama, lost more than two million followers.

Stolen sensitive drone files sold on dark web
Posted on Thursday 12 July, 2018

Tank tactics and drone details were up for sale by hackers who got them from military networks.

Tech News from ZDNET

Blockchain and bluster: Why politicians always get tech wrong
Posted on Sunday July 15, 2018

Politicians need to start taking tech seriously, especially when they want it to do the near impossible.

SmartFrame aims to replace jpegs to help companies protect and monetize images
Posted on Friday July 13, 2018

SmartFrame Technologies Ltd has launched a system for publishing and monetizing images while making them harder to steal than standard jpegs. Some photographers are already using the system but it could have wider appeal for advertising, marketing and corporate use.

Court tells Facebook: Let dead girl's parents see her messages
Posted on Friday July 13, 2018

Facebook messages are no different to a dead person's letters or diaries, a court rules.

Hackers are selling backdoors into PCs for just $10
Posted on Thursday July 12, 2018

"This is definitely not something you want to discover on a Russian underground RDP shop," warn researchers.

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