Can you switch off Windows 10 Update?

Can Windows Update be completely turned off. Unfortunately the answer is no. Microsoft now has already changed the way updates are delivered in Windows 10 and the result is that they are now downloaded automatically, whether you want them or not. You can, at least, delay the Windows restart that might be needed to a time that suits you. Type Windows Update in the search box and select the first result Check for updates. Now you can choose whitch option to use:

1. Pause updates for 7 days
2. Change active hours (at what time an update can be done)

If you click on Advanced options you can actually pause updates for up to 35 days.

Unfortunately, this will not solve the problem of buggy Windows Updates (and there have been a few), but there is a way around this. Type System Protection in the search box and choose the first result Create a restore point. Just make sure that your C Drive is selected. Now Windows 10 will create a Restore Point before each update. That means you can undo any problematic ones, which might be the difference between a usable and unusable Windows PC.