Should you update your Windows 10 PC Drivers?

A graphics card driver or sound card driver update might improve your PC’s overall performance, especially if there was some sort of problem with the driver you’re currently using.

You could of course go to the website for every component within your PC and download each driver manually. For example, to find the details for your graphics card, head to the manufacturer’s website and find the relevant download.

Keeping your drivers updated does have benefits. You might find your sound card can be updated to support the latest audio standards or the manufacturer has found a bug to improve performance.

You could easily buy or find a trial version of a driver updater, especially if you’ve recently bought your PC. For example, the AVG Driver Updater is a fairly decent product to use during its free trial. There is also a full review of updaters at the Techraider website –

And also a full review of the 11 best and free Driver Updater tools from Lifewire –