Speed up Apple iTunes running on Windows 7

windows7professionalIf you use iTunes on a Windows 7 PC and only have 2GB of Ram you may find iTunes slows down or pauses unexpectedly. The problem is that Windows 7 loves to index all the files you have on your computer, including your music files. It is this process that can affect the smooth operation of iTunes.

Fortunately there is a fix for this. All you need to do is adjust Windows index options.

Click Start and in the Search programs and files box type – index options – and click on the option at the top of the resulting list. Now click the Advanced button (and then on Continue if you see a user account control warning) then select the File Types tab of the dialogue box that opens up.

Scroll down and remove the tick next to the XML Filter entry and click OK and OK again.

Now Windows 7 will not keep trying to re-index the iTunes library file, making the program run more smoothly.