Upgrading to a More Powerful Graphics Card

If you want games, graphics, and other multimedia programs to run faster, upgrading to a more powerful graphics card should be one of your first priorities. And the demands of Microsoft’s Windows Vista and Windows 7 with their 3D-accelerated Aero interface, gives you another reason to upgrade. To run Aero you’ll need at least a DirectX 9 capable graphics chip with 128MB of dedicated memory on-board. With a DirectX 10 or 11 capable graphics chip you will need at least 512MB of dedicated graphics memory to make your computer perform really well.

Make sure you know what kind of graphic card will work in your PC before you go shopping for a new one. Unfortunately there are two main types of graphics card currently on sale and if you choose the wrong one it will not plug into your PC’s motherboard. The two types currently available are those that fit into an AGP slot and those made for the newer PCI Express slot. Your motherboard will have a slot for one or the other, but PCI Express only appeared in 2004, so many people could still have an AGP based graphics system, especially if they are still using Windows XP.

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