Finding & Following People on Twitter

Following People on Twitter

Twitter LogoTwitter is all about short snappy conversations, but if your'e not in the habit of following people, it can soon become just a blank page that no one wants to read.

So how you can you find and follow people who use twitter?

Finding good people to follow, especially for new users, can be a bit daunting.

To help with this important task there are a number of ways to find like minded people, it's just a matter of knowing where to look.

The sites that are listed below can certainly help you find the right people, or businesses, to follow.

Twitters own Find People Search

Twitter’s built in people search is not the greatest way to find people on Twitter, but it’s probably where you should begin your search.

Twitter searches the real names that people enter into their bio fields, but because there is often a lack of any sort of detailed bio information and because Twitter doesn't have any sort of requirement to use your actual name when you sign up, this can make it difficult to find people, especially those with common names.

The patchy profile information also makes it hard to verify that the people you find are actually the ones you are looking for.

Despite these drawbacks Twitter's Find People Search is still a good place, at least to begin your search. You do need to be logged in to use it.


Because the bio information Twitter collects is minimal, no Twitter people search engine can improve on Twitter’s People Search that much. Third-party site Tweepz does an fine job, though. Tweepz lets you limit searches to specific parts of Twitter’s user information, like name, bio, and location and then lets you filter results by follower/following numbers, by specific location, and by any other freely available bio terms. It also greatly improves on the layout of the search results.

Some of the Twitter profiles it finds can be a bit out of date in terms the number of followers, those following and the number of tweets made, but the detail and results that Tweepz gets are impressive.



TweepSearch lets you search by Twitter name or location, or search a specific username to get a list of all friends and followers.


Make good use of these Free Tools

Once you find people to follow and engage with, Twitter becomes exceptionally useful. You can share thoughts, ask questions, get updates about news, music, brands, and businesses, and discover helpful links and information.

So make good use of these free tools to grow your presence in Twitter.


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