Wordflood Can Help Your Writing Skills

Software That Can Help You Write Better Articles

If you regularly or even occasionally write articles, perhaps for your website, Wordflood might be just the software you need to help you write better.

Wordflood looks like a traditional word processor but it scours your document for synonyms and replacements for words and common phrases.

Wordflood 2.0 can help your writing skills Words that it thinks can be replaced with better alternatives are highlighted in blue, while phrases that can be improved are simply underlined. All you need to do is hover your mouse or pointing device over the selected phrase to see a lengthy list of possible alternatives.

Wordflood updates your documents word count, lets you know what percentage of the document you have changed and provides a constantly updating league table of which words you're using the most so you can easily see if you are repeating a particular word to frequently.

Wordflood version 1.2 is free so download a copy and see how this software can improve your writing style.

Wordflood version 2.0 is available for just $47 and enables you to enhance whole sentences and not just words or phrases.

Some of the Features of Wordflood 2.0

  • Powerful database with synonyms for over 140,000 words and phrases. Unlike other programs, WordFlood provides synonyms and related words for a vast majority of all of the words in a given article. This is due to the fact that WordFlood not only recognizes root words, but also many different tenses and variations of each word.
  • Ultra fast one-click word replacement. Synonyms are shown for several consecutive words at once, so you can quickly see which words you want to replace, and which ones you don't. This allows you to re-write articles extremely fast, while still maintaining excellent output quality.
  • Easily add your own words or phrases to the synonym database from within the program. This is a very powerful feature of the program. The more custom content that you add to the program, the more choices you will have in the future!
  • WordFlood also has a few special features designed specifically with internet marketers and 'private label rights' content users in mind. The program displays the total word count, the percentage of the document that has been changed, and the keyword density, all updated in real-time. If you would like to change every occurrence of a particular word, you can easily do that as well. Also included are several popular internet marketing-related terms, most of which are not found in other programs of this type.

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