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CPU-Z system monitor and profiler

CPU-Z FREE System Monitor and Profiler

CPU-ZCPU-Z is a free system profiler (i.e. a system monitor) application for Microsoft Windows (for all versions from Windows 95 right through to Windows 8, 64 bit versions) that detects the central processing unit (CPU), RAM, motherboard chipset, and other hardware features of a modern personal computer and presents this information in one all encompassing window.

CPU-Z provides more information than the tools provided in the Windows Operating System to identify various hardware components and therefore helps you to identify certain components without even opening your computers case.

CPU-Z also has a Graphics tab which has the ability to directly detect hardware features, such as the ability to access, read, and display the SPD data from memory modules. The ability to document clock speed makes it an important tool for motherboard over clocker's, as a way of proving the CPU speeds achieved by various over clocking techniques. It is also ideal for anyone who is planning to update their computers hardware.

CPU-Z is free to download and try right now

CPU Detail from CPU-Z


This is a really good program if you need to check out
your PC before you undertake an upgrade.

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