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PC Startup Problems: Causes & Solutions

PC Startup Problems

pc start up problemsTwo facts that have become clear to computer users around the world are:

Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives.

At some point of our computing lives, we are bound to face some kind of computer error.

Of all the problems that bother computer users, PC startup problems rank high on the list of the most annoying. This is because if your computer refuses to start or show a problem while starting, all kinds of scary thoughts can go through your mind.

Executable Files

However, in reality a large number of computer startup problems can be attributed to errors related to EXE or executable files. These executable files are a part of every application present on the computer and may also play an important part in ensuring the smooth launch of many of these applications during the startup process. There are several reasons due to which exe files can fail to carry out the designated task and hence interfere with system startup.

Many exe processes such as, osa.exe or qttask.exe may cause slow system start up or you may receive error messages related to such processes at system start up. By default, processes such as osa.exe or qttask.exe load automatically at system start up but are rarely used. These processes can use large chunks of your system’s resources and may cause startup errors or delay the startup process. To resolve these osa.exe and qttask.exe problems, you may remove the unwanted programs from your startup sequence. For instance, to disable osa.exe on startup, you may use the System Configuration Utility that comes built-in with Windows.

Bad Drivers

Startup errors may also result due to bad drivers. To fix errors due to bad drivers, you may use the Device Manager utility to identify the hardware that is causing the error, uninstall its driver and then reinstall it. If you find that the error is caused by outdated driver files, then we recommend you visit the driver manufacturer’s website to download and install the latest updates to fix the problem. Alternatively, you may use a good driver scanner tool to do this job for you. A driver scanner tool automatically updates your drivers when required, thus preventing driver related errors.

Virus Infections

Virus infections may also cause startup errors. Some virus infections may even prevent your PC from booting. If this is the case with your system, then try starting your PC in safe mode. If you are successful then use an antivirus utility that works in Safe mode to scan and remove viruses from your system. If your system fails to start even in Safe mode, then you may need to boot your PC in DOS mode and use a DOS-based antivirus utility to scan and clean your system.

Registry Corruption

Startup errors may also occur if your system registry is corrupt or damaged. This is the reason why, we recommend you regularly scan your Windows registry using an efficient and robust registry cleaning tool.

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