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Runtime error 4971

How to fix Runtime Error 4971

Windows 7Runtime error 4971 occurs when one or more of your software installations experiences an internal error that denies it from fulfilling its program potential. Basically, the program fails to load - so its Runtime error 4971 is interrupted.

Runtime error 4971 originates in the Windows Registry, and that's because every time you install or uninstall a program, a 'signature' of that action gets registered in the Windows Registry. Over time, with many combinations and too many records that overlap each other - especially bad installs, you get a Registry that is overly cluttered with corrupt entries. You also get entries that point to bad or even non existent entries.

Some runtime problems are caused by a specific software installation or the day to day running of that software. For example, runtime error 424 is a message frequently displayed to users of Microsoft Access 2000. A quick reinstall of your Office applications would be a quick fix to your runtime problems.

Runtime error 53

Runtime error 53 or several others could be due to a conflict between hardware and software. Check for any recent program installs or driver installs for your hardware - the Windows Rollback feature for driver installs can be a real help to anyone wanting to solve this problem.

For example, if you have downloaded a bad graphics driver go to Control Panel and open up Device Manager. Click the arrow alongside your display adaptor and then double click on your graphic card name. This will open your graphic cards Driver Properties box. Select the Driver tab and then click the Roll Back Driver button. This will replace your recent installation with the previous one that was working.

Good registry optimizers and cleaners can identify and fix over 20 or so problems that cause all these pesky Runtime errors. Be sure to use a highly rated optimizer and cleaner, something like CCCleaner which is free and one of our personal favourites. A tool like this can probably eliminate up to 90% of all Runtime errors so is a vital piece of software to use on a daily basis!

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