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Remove Programs to Boost PC Performance

Windows Built In Uninstaller

Dell XPSIf you are one of those PC users who are tired of your slow computer, then you’ve come to the right place. There can be several issues that may lead to a slowdown of your computer. Out of these, there is one task that can really help to boost your PC’s performance, and that task is to get rid of programs you don’t need. These programs usually include:

  • Applications, tools and utilities you have not used for a long time.
  • Redundant or outdated programs that are of no use to you now.
  • Spyware and programs that install on your computer without your knowledge.

There are many different ways in which you can remove programs from your computer. The most commonly used ones are discussed below.

The first and the most common used method is by using the Add or Remove Programs utility (Programs and Features in Windows 7). This utility comes with your Windows operating system and can be used to remove most of the installed programs and updates. You can launch this utility from the Control Panel. If you want to use a shortcut, you may run the appwiz.cpl command to launch it.

After the Add or Remove Programs windows displays, scan through the programs listed in the Currently installed programs list. Next, select and remove the programs you don’t need one-by-one. For example, if you want to uninstall Yahoo toolbar from your Web browser, select it from the list and then click the Remove button.

Some programs may not add an entry in the Add or Remove Programs, these programs usually provide a shortcut to uninstall in their program folder that is added to the Start menu. Therefore, you can use this shortcut to get rid of a program you don’t need.

Some Programs Are Hard to Remove

At times, you may find it difficult to remove some programs completely by using Add or Remove Programs. Quite often, this usually happens if the program you are trying to remove is too large or its uninstall information is missing. For instance, to uninstall Nero from your computer, you could download it’s uninstall tool from the Nero Web site and then use it to perform a total software removal. In addition to program- specific program uninstallers, you may also opt to use a good third-party program uninstaller tool. These programs are designed to scan your entire system including the Windows registry for any information related to the software you are trying to remove and then get rid of it all to ensure a complete removal.

At times, you may have the mirar toolbar or other spyware on your computer, and you may find that they are difficult to get rid of by using the above methods. These software programs are usually irremovable hidden registry entries and files that other software is unable to detect and remove. These malicious programs reinstall themselves as soon as you reboot your PC. To get rid of programs like this, you need to use a dependable antispyware tool. This will help you perform a thorough scan of your entire PC and completely get rid of all information related to spyware from your computer.

Lastly, whichever method you use, it is recommended that you use a good registry cleaner tool to perform a thorough scan to get rid of all orphaned registry entries.

At QBS PC Help we love CCleaner for tidying up the Windows Registry, temporary files, browser or start menu run histories and cookies. You can download this excellent program from this website right now!

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